Homework N5 Starters

This homework is a great introduction to the N5 Assignment, which is worth 20% of your exam.

National 5 PHYSICS Assignment starters

Answer the following Questions from the Understanding Standards website


It is important that you spend an adequate time on this homework (an hour is advised). If you complete this thoroughly you ought to have a good grasp of what is required for the Assignment at National 5.

  1. List the twelve experiments that have been given as examples for the N5 Physics Assignment.
  2. In the marking instructions for the assignment how many marks are available for the underlying Physics?
  3. What are the six sections in the data collection and handling (and I don’t want 4a, 4b, 4c and 4d! BTW it isn’t even section 4)
  4. Section 3e and 3f refer to literature and sources. How do you achieve these marks?
  5. What are the marks awarded for when plotting your graph?
  6. What must your conclusion be related to, to achieve the mark?
  7. For candidate 1, how many repeats of the experiment did they make?
  8. What did candidate 1 do correctly for the graph and what was incorrect?
  9. Mark Candidate 2’s evidence thoroughly yourself using the marking scheme and compare your answer to the commentary. Record your results and the comparison. Comment on both of these.
  10. CHOOSE a topic that would be suitable using the Physics Compendium https://mrsphysics.co.uk/n5/ Research some Underlying Physics and find a suitable graph that you can try to replicate.


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  1. When it says candidate 1, does it mean the first candidate in workshop one, two, or three, or the candidate 1 on the left that did ‘range of projectiles’?

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