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Whilst I’m on stage- you shine!

Hi Folks!

From 30th October – 4th November I am representing the UK at Science on Stage. This is a prestigious event and I hope to bring back loads of experiences to share with you and improve your knowledge.

You can read about it at the link below and see if you can spot our poster in the joint projects section.

During my absence you’ll be having your exam on 4th November covering All of WAVES, SPACE and Most of ELECTRICITY. The exam will have 15 m/c questions and several extended answer questions, including one open ended question.

Here is the work to complete during my absence. Note I will be checking emails so you can get in touch with me via email if you have questions on your revision and I’ll be working on the Learning Outcome answers during travel as the Questions are now finished

WORK 30th October- 4th November

In the ELECTRICITY book (a few spares at the back of the classroom in the Blue Trays, left hand side, large tray about 3rd or 4th down):

We have completed up to p84, excluding special resistors pp47-48 special components pp59-64, potential dividers pp65-73

Students ought to have completed all the questions on the following pages and made notes where required. Pp4-7,10,12-15,18,22,23,26.27,29,34,36,39-42,44-47,50-53,58,74-78, 80-83, 90 onwards (questions 1-25, 32-46,49-58)

Make sure the notes are copied in your notes.

Complete a paper graph, on graph paper on ONE set of results from Monday’s Experiments on LDRs (and distance from the source), Thermistors (and temperature), and light bulbs (with voltage).

Complete LOQ, nearly all of the Electricity ones can now be completed.

Revise using SG General and Credit papers and Int 2 papers.

Extension: Continue on pp 79-83

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