Week 1: Intro to N5


  • Know what to expect on the National 5 Physics course
  • Understand the Course Structure
  • Know where to access materials
  • Find good places to go for online help.
  • Know about Units, Prefixes and Scientific Notation

Success Criteria

  • Understand the make up of the SQA N5 Physics Course
  • Get 90% or more on the weekly Friday Review assessment
  • Complete the tasks on Units, Prefixes and Scientific Notation to a high standard


  • Check out the National 5 compendium and save your own copy in an editable form.
  • Read through the whole of Mrsphysics.co.uk/n5 front page
  • Go through the compendium and mark off the content that you feel you have already covered in BGE. You could do this electronically if you want (NB Capital P in wingdings 2 gives a nice tick and capital O gives a cross).
  • Check through the course content from the SQA website
  • Watch Mr Mitchell’s Introduction to N5 Physics
  • Watch Mr Mitchell’s Greek Letter Video
  • Watch Mr Mitchell’s Video on Units, Prefixes and Scientific Notation
  • Read the material in the Intro of the Compendium.
  • Make notes on the Compendium content 0.2,0.3,0.4. and pages 21 to the end.
  • Work through material on rearranging equations
  • Answer the questions from the Learning Outcome Question Booklet on Units Prefixes and Scientific Notation 0.2, 0.3,0.4 or if you need the link as a pdf
  • Start making a list of Quantity, Symbol, Unit, Unit Symbol, Scalar or Vector in the Notes. NB Colum 3 needs to be much wider than most and column 1 needs to fit in gravitational field strength, but columns 2, 4 and 5 only need to be a few letters wide. Keep this up to date, and we’ll have a quiz as to who can get the longest list from all the quantities you’ve met in the BGE.
  • Do the Quiz on TEAMS- you’ll need to score 9/10 or more so do some revision.
  • Let me know if you don’t have a CASIO 83 or 85 calculator.
  • ….and finally, ask any questions that you have or anything that you need to be explained in more detail.


April 2020

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