With Guest Presenter Miss Horn- Lockerbie’s Young Physics Teacher.

Welcome to the National 4 part of the Website

This material is now mainly on GLOW. I will get some more material uploaded when I teach N4 (Mrs Physics)

This will be updated throughout the year with useful materials. To begin, the learning outcomes for Nat 4 can be found here –  N4 LO check

The relationships needed for physics at Nat 4 can be found here –

Nat 4 relationships sheet

Physical quantities that may be useful Nat 4 – Physical Quantities

BBC Bitesize link for Nat 4 – some learner guides and class clips here http://www.bbc.co.uk/National 4 Physics

Updated 2019

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. hi im josh from school and i was wondering if you would please send me some physics questions of space and dynamics

    thank you

    1. There are plenty of questions in the national 5 section, some with worked answers. Many of those are suitable for N4, All are suitable for N5. Check the Dynamics, space, learning outcomes and revision questions.

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