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Welcome to the N4 Home Page

There are some great resources out there and I will try to collate them here.

Enjoy your time on what is potentially a lovely course.

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Updated 2022

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4 thoughts on “N4 Home”

  1. hi im josh from school and i was wondering if you would please send me some physics questions of space and dynamics

    thank you

    1. There are plenty of questions in the national 5 section, some with worked answers. Many of those are suitable for N4, All are suitable for N5. Check the Dynamics, space, learning outcomes and revision questions.

  2. Dear Mrs Physics, I hope you are well.

    A few months ago I made the decision to return to teaching. I am looking for a compendium book or a series of books to cover CfE in Secondary school. I can find a lots of online sources however the best for reading in the bed is paper book.

    Kind Regards, Monika

    1. Hi Monika, I can’t say that I’ve found a good book on work for the CfE in secondary schools that is really great although there are a couple out there. I would suggest that maybe you find a printer and print off some of the great resources on the internet and there are plenty. Many of the CfE resources, especially in the lower school are very clearly linked to the individual schools. For the upper school I suggest you start with the Course specifications and compare that to what I have in my compendia at each level. I wish you all the best as you re-embark on a teaching career. Best wishes Mrsphysics,

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