D&G Homework Question Booklets

Here are the booklets for the D&G Question Booklets. I’ll upload them in word and pdf format.

                     word                     pdf
Waves & Radiation waves-rad-dg           waves-rad-dg

Energy & Electricity nrg-elect-dg2       nrg-elect-dg

Dynamics & Space   dynam-space-dg-ps    dynam-space-dg

ds-n45-question-book-2-forces-sept-2012 Some questions for you to practise from Anderson High School.









Electrostatic Applications – for 26th August

Electrostatic Applications

For Friday 26th August Create a 1 sided A4 poster on how Electrostatics is involved in your chosen topic. Posters will be displayed on Fri 26th August , everyone will make notes from each other’s posters. Anyone who dies not complete this task will be writing notes for all topics in detention.

BBC bitesize help          gcse science help

  1. Laser printing
  2. Paint spraying
  3. Crop spraying 
  4. Cling film
  5. Forensic science A
  6. Forensic Science B
  7. Removal of dust.
  8. Electrical precipitation
  9. Electrical separation.