Dynamics 2017

I am in the middle of updating the Dynamics and Space Unit to be in line with the course from 2017. These are the current notes, but as you can see there is still a lot of work to do to get them completed.

 Dynamics 2018 word

Dynamics 2018 pdf

These are examples to find acceleration and displacement from v-t graphs. v-t graph examples.

Currently I’ve worked out the displacements. I’ll add the accelerations when I’ve done them! v-t graph example answers

LO Dynamics (1st half) Here are the revision questions for the first part of the unit. Eventually I’ll get them all completed. Answers to follow a.s.a.p.

LO Q N5_2017_5 word

Here are the answers for the Dynamics Learning Outcome Questions. I haven’t finished, but I am getting through them. It is a lot harder than just writing them out as I’ve the equations to type in! Well that is my excuse

LO LO Dynamics ANSWERS pdf This is as far as I’ve got Monday 30/10 21:16

LO Dynamics ANSWERS word This is as far as I’ve got!


N5 D&S Problem Booklet

Dynam & Space D&G PS Book

parachutes pdf file of the power point

parachutes power point

Projectile questions pdf file of projectile questions

Projectile questions

Projectile questions1

mass and weight

mass and weight

work done calculations

Latent Heat questions

Revision Questions

Use the pdf file, printed from a powerpoint presentation to practice work for the D&S topic. Some space has been left so that you can record your answers on the sheets. They are saved 6 slides to a page

Dynamics and Space Revision

Dynamics and Space Revision ANSWERS Don’t peek at the answers until you’ve finished going through the questions and created your own answers.

Revision Practice

Need help with motion graphs, practice with this link

https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/motion graphs


https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/more equations


Resources from other schools

I would like to thank all the schools who have produced notes that are reproduced here. Know that I am really grateful. I have a half finished set of my own notes, but don’t think I can get them suitably done in time. Be assured that at least you’ll have some excellent higher notes next year, and after those scores I am expecting a big Higher class 2017-2018!

Dynamics and space part1

Dynamics and space part2

The above two booklets count as one!

N4 N5 Unit 1 Summary Notes[1]

N4 N5 Unit 1 Summary Notes[1] These are the same set of notes, one is in word, but for those that cannot read that the other is a pdf file, which you ought to be able to read.

D&S Summary Notes

The notes below would be combined into one booklet (the one at the end of this section)

N5 DS Mar 13 Dynamics Teacher notes

N5 DS Mar 13 Forces Pupil notes

N5 DS Mar 13 Forces Teacher notes

N5 DS Mar 13 Space Pupil notes

N5 DS Mar 13 Space Teacher notes

N5 DS Pupil material notes FINAL COPY 13th JUNE

N5 DS Pupil material notes FINAL COPY 13th JUNE

The booklet below is an Intermediate 2 booklet and contains some material for other topics and some material is missing. It might be a good idea to get yourself a copy of this, if possible, especially if you are not a great lover of the heat section!


Here are some more notes produced for Intermediate 2. There are some good questions here, but it does not cover all of the topic we are about to complete.

3779 Int 2

I will add some cut-outs and single page resources as we go through the course. If you lose yours, you will have to print them off yourself or take a photo!

Other Resources

N5 D&S Problem Booklet

N5 DS Past Paper Booklet

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