Some students appear to be struggling to find the notes. Go to the MENU on your phones and then click on the course materials (with the picture opposite) on from a computer click on the course materials and navigate down until you come to the unit you want. Most of the information is in each topic section. ENJOY!

N5 Past Papers

Click on the link above to take you directly to the past paper page for N5, Int2, SG, papers marking instructions and course reports

Doing past papers? Here is a helpful site to give you hints if you get stuck without revealing the answer. Thanks to Mr Hopely for this. It is also useful for Chemistry, Maths, and other subjects we don’t offer here.


Mrsphysics website

NB if you use a mobile to view this site the notices are right at the bottom. Scroll right down to read them


Welcome to the National 5 part of the website.

New for 2021-22 is a song for each unit. Each of these were written for GCSE Physics, but you’ll certainly find things in here that are relevant, and some songs fit perfectly with N5. Maybe someone can update this for N5! Here is an example

The introduction to N5 Physics lower down the page under some important student resources. 

Course Resources


Check you have the correct version

 Hot off the press is the updated compendium for 2021/22. This contains an extended relationships sheet with all relationships given in words. You can find a copy of this below.

Your compendium contains N5 content, information on the exam and assignment,  maths, Relationships Sheet and Data Sheet. Check off the outcomes as you go through the course.


AND FINALLY THEY ARE FINISHED- Learning Outcome Question Booklet. The answers are now finished and uploaded. All I need do now is a revision to check over the duplicate questions. I am not sure when I’ll get some for that.


OUR TIMELINE FOR 2021-2022. This is assuming little covid disruption!

Relationships sheet

Updated Relationships sheet

Annotated relationships sheet

Quantity and symbol sheets


Help with the relationship sheet.pdf

Help with the relationship sheet.docx

This is a great little document for those who don’t know their W

from their Sv! For more http://www.physics-podcast.co.uk/

Below is a similar but slightly different version.

Nat 5 – Physical Quantities

Data sheet

PhysicsSQPN5DataSheet 2018

N5 Data Sheet word

You’ll find this on page 2 of the multiple choice (paper 1) of your exam.

SQA Course specification


Produced by SQA, this is the latest course specifications.

Resource guide- pre-2017

Physics Resources Guide N5 Feb 16

Intro to Studying Physics @ N5

Lots of people are scared of Physics and say it is too hard. I can’t claim that Physics will be the easiest subject that you can choose but I describe it like this.

“Some subjects that you choose will be like a walk in the park; very pleasant, quite straightforward, and not very strenuous.

walk in the park
walk in woods

Physics will be like climbing a mountain, hard going, challenging, and testing.


However, at the end of the day what would give you most satisfaction, sense of pride and achievement?

Are you up for a challenge or do you just want an easy ride?”


Summit Celebration

You can feel the sense of achievement in this photo.

You can experience that too-  choose Physics!

(the edited caption to the photograph above by Chris Morley says…

Summit Celebration People & snow. It’s a wonderful experience but a challenge for me to capture. Her happiness at reaching the summit of Guanaco was obvious. Taken on ‎April‎ ‎25‎, ‎2010)

Look at the inspiring quotes if you’re feeling a little low about your revision.

Updated July 2021

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  1. I have just started a SWAP STEM course to enable me to go onto p a physics degree next year. Your website is super helpful and I love all the inspirational encouegment as well on your page. It’s keeping me motivated. I’ve been using your website most days!

    Thank you so much!

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