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Course Resources

Past papers sorted by topic
Thanks to the legedary Mr Davie

Past Papers for National 5 Physics

Doing past paper? Stuck? click here
Thanks to Mr Hopely
SQA Support
The SQA document giving details of the course, marks and what is being tested. It is probably more useful for your teachers
N5 Compendium 2023 pdf
N5 Compendium 2023 word
Everything you need to know about your course. This was based on the course support notes. It contains a data sheet, relationships sheet and some hints and tips. Take it to every lesson
old Compendium
Compendium 2020 This has no annotated relationships sheet
Data Sheet
The data sheet usually found on page 2 of your exam paper. Read it regularly.
Relations Sheet
Relationships Sheet, All those equations you need

Quantities pdf
Quantities word
Quantities and Symbol Sheet, this is the document that will explain those letters in the Relationships sheet. Also available as part of the Compendium.
help sheet
Help with the relationships sheet giving details of each letter in your relationships sheet
LOQ pdf
LOQ word
Learning Outcome Questions- Questions for every outcome of the course. Matched to the compendium
Annotated Relationships sheet 2021 - help for understanding the equations. Every equation written in words with units. Also part of the 2021 compendium
Resources Guide
Rather out of date, but giving some links to useful N5 documents.
OEQ pdf
Some practice open ended questions for you to try. I hope you can find someone to mark them.
Commands word

Command pdf
There are no questions in paper 2, just commands. Check how to answer each command.

Study Plan
Revision-plan xl
A great 10 week revision plan but you're too late for this year.
A possible timeline for the course. Probably more siutable for teachers to adapt each year.

using calculator buttons word

using calculator buttons pdf
Q S U US N5 finalA4
Q S U US N5 final
Flash card
An example of some flashcards to help with your revision.

To find the notes.

  • On your phone go to the MENU
  • Click on the course materials (with the picture opposite)
  • from a computer click on the course materials (at the top)
  • Navigate down until you come to the unit you want.
  • Most of the information is in each topic section, but there are additional sections like REVISION and OUTCOME QUESTIONS
  • ENJOY!

Welcome to the National 5 part of the website.

No teacher, no problem
Worried about revision over the holidays with no teacher around. Drop me a line and I’ll try to help. Or if you want a one off tutor session I can do that too.

Lots of people are scared of Physics and say it is too hard. I can’t claim that Physics will be the easiest subject that you can choose but I describe it like this.

“Some subjects that you choose will be like a walk in the park; very pleasant, quite straightforward, and not very strenuous.

walk in the park
A lovely walk in the park!
walk in woods
or a walk in the woods
or a walk along the canal

Physics will be like climbing a mountain, hard going, challenging, and testing.


However, at the end of the day what would give you most satisfaction, sense of pride and achievement?

Are you up for a challenge or do you just want an easy ride?”


Summit Celebration

You can feel the sense of achievement in this photo.

You can experience that too-  choose Physics!

(the edited caption to the photograph above by Chris Morley says…

Summit Celebration People & snow. It’s a wonderful experience but a challenge for me to capture. Her happiness at reaching the summit of Guanaco was obvious. Taken on ‎April‎ ‎25‎, ‎2010)

Look at the inspiring quotes if you’re feeling a little low about your revision.

Updated January 2024


18 thoughts on “N5 Home Page?”

  1. I have just started a SWAP STEM course to enable me to go onto p a physics degree next year. Your website is super helpful and I love all the inspirational encouegment as well on your page. It’s keeping me motivated. I’ve been using your website most days!

    Thank you so much!

  2. Still absolutely loving your page. Came across it back in August and still use it for collecting notes for my exams. Its great and encouraging to see those teachers out there who are willing to go the extra mile for students. I’ve got conditional offers for University in September for Physics which im super excited about. I don’t think id be as far as I am with my course if it wasn’t for this website 🙂

    1. What exciting news Kelsey and how delightful that you’ve got a conditional for Uni in Sept. Do you know where you want to go? I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to feedback that you use the site. I have had so much help with Physics from other people over the years that I am delighted to give something back. Have you joined the IoP? I hope your exam goes well on 13th May. I think it is funny they’ve put the Physics exam on Friday 13th, but I am sure far less Physics students are superstitious. Don’t forget to look over the General Marking Instructions before the exam so you don’t make any silly mistakes, learn your units and start all SHOW THAT questions with an equation. Just post if you’ve any queries. Are you taking AH, H or N5 or are you somewhere else? Actually I assume you wont be doing the exam on 13th. Well whatever you do, go and show them that you can. All the best, Mrs Physics. I think nearly all Physics Uni places are so friendly as it is such an amazing subject to study. First you think all the world is made up of strict rules, and then you suddenly find it is all about weird waves and quantum physics- so how does that work!

  3. Thank you ever so much for responding and for the fantastic exam tips, I’ll be sure to keep them in mind! I’m taking the higher exam and then hopefully heading to university in September. I have conditionals for Glasgow University, Strathclyde and UWS. I have applied to do the Physics with education course, which allows me to gain a degree in physics while obtaining a PGDE within my 4 years at university, in alternative for completing my degree and then a post grad. Having dreamed of becoming a teacher I am most certain the course will help me reach that goal. I look forward to be able to apply my passion for physics to help educate our future generation. Although physics has a reputation for being an exceedingly tough subject, forcing students to fear or peruse it to a higher level. I personally find Physics inspiring as it allows you to understand the world around you, all while developing your critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. I’m really enthusiastic about the future, (fingers crossed) all goes to plan. Ill certainly not forget your website for helping me in the beginning of my Physics journey. I really appreciate how much your passion for Physics shines through your site. I truly believe what the teacher is, is more important than what they teach. I hope to be this inspiring someday. Again… thank you 🙂

  4. could you put up the QP from today please?

    or upload a picture of specifically the half-life question

        1. Thank you for your enquiry. I think I am currently full, but can leave you on the waiting list until my life gets a little less hectic.
          I wish your daughter every success in her Physics.
          Please note there are Mindmaps, Knowledge Organisers and learning outcome questions, and fully worked answers on mrsphysics, which can be used for revision. The Learning Outcome Questions are linked to the numbers in the compendium, so if there are certain areas of difficulty she can find the number in the Learning Outcome Questions and check the answers from them. Do post any queries on here and I will try to answer them. I recommend

  5. I found this website last year and put it on file….my son has now started his revision for his upcoming Nat 5 and this website has made our lives so much easier as its so well organised. Thank you so much for all your effort and for keeping it up to date. You really are making a direct and positive impact on parents and kids!!

  6. Hi there, I am also starting a tutoring business. I have made a few videos which use the latest news in Physics to teach the context of some of the Nat 5 syllabus. I hope you don’t mind, but in the latest one I have signposted students to your website. I love your website and use it all the time to source past paper questions.

  7. Hello! I see you have added the 2024 national 5 paper into the past papers (huge thanks by the way! can’t find them anywhere else!!) to your website, but I was just wondering if you know anywhere I can find the solutions that teachers/others have figured out before the marking scheme releases? I found this years paper quite stressful and am just looking for a little peace of mind. Thank you!

    1. Hi, I don’t think teachers would be prepared to put up their answers as others might criticise them. Do you know a teacher. I think you should try to leave it behind as you can’t do anything now, although I know I can’t do that. Go for a really long walk with a friend or alone and as you walk try to think about shaking off the physics exam

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