Intermediate II Papers

Intermediate 2 Physics Papers

Here are the Intermediate 2 Physics Papers. The table isn’t yet complete, but you might want to start looking over some questions. Many of these could pop up on National 5 papers.

Int 2 PapersYearMarking
Int2 20152015MI 2015
Int2 20142014MI 2014
Int2 20132013MI 2013I2 Report 2013
Int2 20122012MI 2012I2 Report 2012
Int2 20112011MI 2011I2 Report 2011
Int2 20102010MI 2010I2 Report 2010
Int2 20092009MI 2009I2 Report 2009
Int2 20082008MI 2008I2 Report 2008
Int2 20072007MI 2007I2 Report 2007
Int2 20062006MI 2006I2 Report 2006
2006 H/Int2 stats
Int 2 20052005MI 2005I2 Report 2005
Int2 20042004MI 2004I2 Report 2004
Int2 20032003MI 2003I2 Report 2003
Int2 20022002MI 2002I2 Report 2002
Int2 20012001MI 2001
Int2_Physics_20002000MI 2000
Int2 SpecimenSpecimenSpecimen Answers
january 2021

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