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Lots of people are asking me about the answers to these North Ayrshire revision check tests. Can I also recommend you pop across to the Learning Outcome Questions, which have fully worked answer. Click on the links below. No cheating though!

Thanks to those in North Ayrshire who provided these excellent questions for you to get your teeth into. I’ll post the answers as password protected to protect those students and staff who are giving these for homework! They’re in the old order, so you’ll have to search through for the right section.


UnitsSummary NotesProblems
Dynamics & SpaceSummary Notes D&SQuestions D&S pdf
Problems D&S doc
Electricity & EnergySummary Notes E&EQuestions E&E pdf
Problems E&E doc
Waves & RadiationSummary Notes W&RQuestions W&R pdf
Problems W&R doc

Author: Mrs Physics

Hopefully a one stop shop for all of your National 5 Physics Requirements

31 thoughts on “Revision Questions”

      1. I am a student teacher if that helps, I don’t know how I would prove it though – I have a university email address if that will do it?

      2. Hi Mrs Physics – I am a father struggling to help his child through his physics revision and your questions have been a fantastic aid in helping us. Is it possible to have the answers though?

      1. Hello, please may I also have the password for the solutions? I am a final year masters student at Strathclyde tutorting Nat 5/Higher Physics

      1. I am a student from edinburgh and doing revision for my end of year exam (national 5)and found questions really good for my revision.


  1. Hi I’m engineering student tutoring national 5 physics could i get the password to the answers to make sure my answers are correct for the students, thanks!

      1. I am the parent of an Edinburgh student studying N5 physics and we have struggled to find resources. Your question papers have been great, please can you send me the password to check the answers. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I’m the parent of a student using your questions for revision. Is there any way I could be sent the answers or a link. Thanks so much for providing these resources, they are really useful!

  3. Hi
    My name is S and I am a parent. Could I please have the password to access the answers for Electricity and Energy pdf?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi
    I am selvi again. Could you please send me the link to the answers to the questions (Questions E &E )set by the lovely people of North Ayrshire. You have given me the password but I am not able to locate the link to the answers.
    Thanks again.

  5. HI could you please send me the answers as these questions are fantastic. I am a parent tutoring my son on Nat 5 physics my email address is *****

  6. Hello , My Name is Mike , and your set of questions is fantastic, I am a father of a Nat5 student if I can get access to answers that will be really very helpful and kind of you. We are very close to his final exam date these answers will immensely help him to boost his confidence and grade in exams. Your help will be highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Mike ,
      I am a parent like you for a national 5 student. You can direct your query to mrsphysics.
      She is very nice and will reply immediately, may be tomorrow morning.
      Hope you get what you asked for.
      Best of luck for your son
      Muthu Arutselvi

  7. Hi, Im doing last minute rev ision for my exam tomorrow. Please could you email the password so I can check if I have the correct answers
    Many thanks Andrew (N5 student)

  8. Hi Mrs Physics,

    I am a student at Edinburgh University and have taken up physics tutoring as a part time job. Would it be possible to the passcode to the answers to help aid my teaching?



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