Revision Questions

Thanks to those in North Ayrshire who provided these excellent questions for you to get your teeth into. I’ll post the answers as password protected to protect those students and staff who are given these for homework! They’re in the old order, so you’ll have to search through for the right section.


UnitsSummary NotesProblems
Dynamics & SpaceSummary Notes D&SQuestions D&S pdf
Problems D&S doc
Electricity & EnergySummary Notes E&EQuestions E&E pdf
Problems E&E doc
Waves & RadiationSummary Notes W&RQuestions W&R pdf
Problems W&R doc




Author: Mrs Physics

Hopefully a one stop shop for all of your National 5 Physics Requirements

13 thoughts on “Revision Questions”

      1. I am a student teacher if that helps, I don’t know how I would prove it though – I have a university email address if that will do it?

      1. Hello, please may I also have the password for the solutions? I am a final year masters student at Strathclyde tutorting Nat 5/Higher Physics

      1. I am a student from edinburgh and doing revision for my end of year exam (national 5)and found questions really good for my revision.


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