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There is absolutely no point in just copying out the answers. There is an important requirement in checking your answers carefully to ensure you haven’t made a mistake and that you’ve understood the course specifications and the learning outcomes.

Only check over the answer when you’ve completed a section and mark them in green pen.

Advice from the SQA

From the Understanding Standards Meeting I went to Physics teachers were advised to tell their students NOT to add in the rearranging line for their calculations. Just do the formula, substitution and final line. For some of you this will involve too many steps so you might want to cross out any middle lines. I’ve shown mine in these answers to hopefully give you more help as to how to get to the answer.

All Units (the maths bit)


Here is a Christmas Present for all you National 5 students with prelims after the Christmas break. I hope you get more rest than I’m having.

I think I’m just over half way. I am sure I’ve worked out the answers to the questions that start with the jaguar, which is why they’re not filled in yet, and I am sure it would have been quicker to type those out again but hey ho!




Properties of Matter

20/12/19 finished


24th December 2019

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