Waves Learning Outcome Questions

Until I complete the full Learning Outcome Question Booklet, which will probably take me until Christmas 2019 here is the WAVES section completed.

Hopefully by completing all of these questions you will have produced an excellent set of revision notes from which to revise.

You can always use these in electronic version to answer the questions but DON’T think you’ll produce one set between you and copy!


May 2019

Prelim Dates

Hi Folks these are the dates for the N5 Prelims

Mrs H’s class:       Monday 8th January  P3 & 4, extended questions

Tuesday 9th January  P6, 25 multiple choice questions

Miss H’s class:   Tuesday 9th January  P5, 25 multiple choice questions

Wednesday 10th January  P5 & 6, extended questions

Waves Resources

2018 Wave Notes as produced by Miss Horn

Wave notes pdf

Wave notes word

Here are a list of current wave resources. I will add more as I go through them. Thanks to other schools if you have kindly supplied material. I really appreciate it as do my students.

waves-summary-notes-gairloch1 Some of these notes are for National 4, use with the content statements so you don’t spend too long learning the National 4 work.

vflambda-vdt This starts with a practical model that you can complete in class using the Virtual Physics/ Flash Learning. It then shows how v=fλ is equivalent to v=d/t. Finally some questions will let you practise what you know.

WAVES questions word WAVES questions pdf


Here are the WAVES outcome answers. Carefully go through your answers and complete your corrections in green pen. This should give you an excellent set of revision notes.

August 2019